Lecture about the Importance of Education

On 21 October, Delta Cultura Education Center held a lecture, prepared and given by the volunteer Helena Pereira, about education. Under the topic “The Importance of Education – Much More Than Schooling”, the different ways of acquiring knowledge and education were discussed, which advantages can bring education as diverse as possible and in what ways can knowledge be enhanced. But there was also a conversation of free access to school, a reality still unknown to about 264 million children worldwide, more than half of this number being girls. Malala Yousafzai, Nobel Peace Prize winner in 2014, is one of the people who fight worldwide for access to education for all children and was also the protagonist of one of the two films that were watched during these two talks, which took place during the morning and afternoon in the multipurpose room of Delta Cultura. In the end, the conclusion was that education is a set of tools that allows us to be more attentive to our surroundings and to be more active in society.

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