LECTURE : Juvenile Misbehaviour

At a time when the city of Tarrafal goes through some turbulence derived from acts of violence, some children/young of Delta Cultura Educational Centre ( DCEC), were chatting with Mr. António Costa, on the subject of juvenile delinquency act which is in very associated with violence . In a group prowling about two dozen participants from 10 to 15 years of age of both genders, the conductor of the lecture got an extensive overview of how the children see this issue, considered quite disturbing when it comes to violence. From simple questions like, what are petty theft , the consequences of these acts , what options are available for those who do not commit such acts , the more complex questions involving large as burglary and theft , among other issues were addressed in the session which lasted no longer than 1 hour. In this vein, the DCEC undertakes as always doing many sessions clarification of this type, and is open to proposals for achieving these sessions by other institutions in the DCEC as well as private individuals .

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