Lectures on “Menstruation” and “Illegal Abortion” at Delta Cultura Educational Center

As part of fulfilling its educational programs, Delta Cultura Educational Center held in the past 5th and 6th of November two educational lectures in partnership with VERDEFAM. On 5th of November, the lecture was titled “Menstruation”, a very relevant topic for teenagers who are going through this phase. Thus, the lecture was attended by 19 teenage girls all of which are in need of such information.

On November 6th, the talk was about the “Illegal Abortion”, a theme that is proving to be a social problem in the community of Tarrafal especially in adolescent layer. The purpose of the lecture was to inform the 23 adolescents, between boys and girls, who attended the lecture, on this scourge, giving focus on its meaning, its causes, its consequences, and its prevention methods as well. Both lectures were chaired by the Sociologist Anselmina Tavares.

Below are the pictures of the two lectures. Check it out!

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