Mathematics, Portuguese and Sciences Olympics

olimpiadaIn order to prepare students for participation in the final exams of the school year this year, the Delta Cultura Educational Centre will hold for three (3) days from 01 to 03 of July, the Olympics every day in Mathematics, Portuguese and Natural Sciences. The event is for boys and girls of the 6th grade, who attend the centre daily and conduct their exams on these subjects on days 06, 07 and 8 of July, 2015 nationwide. During the Olympics participants will form their groups, which can be of the same genre based on their friendships, their places of residence or other otherwise, in order to compete with each other in a very healthy environment based on the knowledge that each has but for the sake of the group’s work to which they are inserted. The centre wishes all participants a good showdown and that each can achieve its targets set at the beginning of the year.

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