Medical Check-up

For the second time, happened in the Educational Centre of Delta Cultura (ECDC) medical check-ups with children who attend the centre. The medical check-up, as defined by CEDC,  must occur twice a month, and should happen fairly regularly, to better ensure medical assistance to children, whenever anything unusual occurs. In this second visit, in a total of ten female children aged from 7 to 13 years old, it was detected several problems such as ringworm, dry cough, non-acute abdominal pain, slow intellectual development, ashma among others. But as medical observations, these problems were all foward to the realization of some medical tests. However, honestly speaking, these check-ups occur less than expected, and with a signficant delay, and that sometimes affects directly these children, who are our main concern, based on our own observations. The check-ups, even being few, are guaranteed by Doctors from the Tarrafal Hospital (TH), this time by Dr. Augusto, who undertake to do so voluntarily and at no cost, due to lack of budget by the ECDC to currently cover this program. But we can always count on people, institutions and/or organizations that work with children to improve their heath. Therefore, we work together in this area for the good of all children in Tarrafal. Still in this session, apart from check-ups with children, it was conducted a clarification session with parents and carers of these children, who could well accompany their children to the medical ckeck-up, and also know about some health care measures that can be taken in case of an emergency. Finally, we would like to thank the parents who were present at the session, the Tarrafal Hospital, and mostly important the relevant presence of Dr. Augusto.

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