Medical Consultation

Following the cooperation agreement signed between Tarrafal Health Centre (THC) and Delta Cultura Educational Centre (DCEC) few months ago, the Health Centre made their first medical consultation on January DSC0012516th of 2014 with the participants of DCEC.

The consultation had as a goal to diagnose some children who have health problems and also take a medical look at those who already had been consulted.

To say that there are no serious cases of health problems diagnosed in the participants if not small infections, allergies, frequent wounds, dental caries and other small common diseases that were referred to some normal examinations by the doctor in attendance.

DCEC thanks THC and its doctors, who have been following this process with so much determination, for the collaboration in preventing illness among the young community of Tarrafal.

We must say, we are looking forward to another visit.

For the sake of our children!

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