Meeting Delta Cultura – streetfootballworld – Architecture for Humanity

After the selection of Delta Cultura Cabo Verde as one of 20 organisations in Africa which will get a Football for Hope Centre and after the first participation of DCCV at a meeting of these organisations, there was a meeting in the first week of November with a four-member delegation of streetfootballworld (sfw) and Architecture for Humanity (AFH) in order to get the project Tarrafal Football for Hope Centre started. The intensive days started with a meeting of the stakeholders of Tarrafal where the project 20 Centres for 2010 was presented. The event was well attended: Mayor, Deputy Mayor, councilman for Culture and Sport, Delegate of the Ministry of Education and some representatives from other associations were present and took part in the subsequent discussion. The last years work of DCCV was honored by all the participants and they gave a promise to support the project over the next years within their possibilities. Over the next three days, there were meetings between the principals of DCCV and streetfootballworld and/or Architecture for Humanity. Subjects were the necessary agreements between Municipality and DCCV as well as DCCV and streetfootballworld, the 3-year strategic plan that DCCV has to develop in order to get the financial assistance from FIFA and of course the architecture and use of the 180 m2 building that makes part of the project. Also the location of 40x20m artificial turf field was considered. The meeting concluded with the creation of a precise time schedule from now on until the completion of the Centre. If unexpectatly everything runs the way we planned it, the opening will be in November 2012.

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