Multimedia training at the Delta Cultura Education Center

Thanks to financial support from Club 0,7 from the Austrian Ministry for Foreign Affairs, a professional training in the multimedia area has started on the 2nd of October at the Delta Cultura Education Center. 10 participants will get an insight to the world of fotografy and video. And of course they will learn how to edit the produced fotos and videas with photoshop and I Movie. Delta Cultura understands this training as the first one in this area. There will be more to come. One reason Delta Cultura chose this training is the lack of photos and videos we have of all the activities of the Education Center. We want to significantly improve in this area. On the one hand there are 2 employees from Delta Cultura participating in the training (IT teacher and administrator), but we also want to give one of the participants the task to be responsible for fotos and videos of all activities of the Education Center. In the beginning with a small remuneration, that will gratuatly increase. With this training Delta Cultura satisfies a longterm wish. We want to sincerely thank Club 0,7% for making this sustainable development possible.

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