Nhagar Football Schools visits Delta Cultura Educational Centre

Nhagar Football School (NFS), from Assomada city, on his visit to Tarrafal took the opportunity to pay a visit to the Delta Cultura Education Center  (DCEC) and meet the Delta Cultura Cabo Verde (DCCV) project . They currently work with 150 children and young people of both genres. It was recently created and it is led by Monica Moreira a lady very active and passionate about football and education as well. During their visit, participants of NFS proved to be very pleased with the whole space and the project also. Many claimed that it is an attractive place for children and young people and that participants of DCEC are very lucky to be part of this project. Even within this visit, the NFS and the Delta Cultura Educational Centre seized the moment to carry out between the two schools a series of football matches in the ranks of Sub-9, Sub-11, Sub-13 and more including girls too.

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