Oberland United – Delta Cultura

Next big event in the course of our cooperation with Oberland United. After the charity event in September 2011, organised by the Round Table 10 together with FC Thun (= Oberland United), Wolfgang Unger – responsible of the training concept FC Thun makes school – came personally to Tarrafal to deliver the revenues of this charity event (5.000 SFR!) and of course to get an idea of our work. The excitement of those in charge of Delta Cultura and the children and adolescents from the Football School was big, as Wolfgang Unger did not only bring the finance but also a breath of the great football world to our Education Center. We had many fruitful discussions with Wolfgang Unger about possible forms of cooperation and we are happy to try and develope a long-term collaboration with FC Thun in the upcoming months. Once more we want to thank the Round Table 10 and the FC Thun on behalf of the children and adolescents of our Education Center for their great support.

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