Open conversation and Aerobic session with the enterpreneur Maurícia Vaz

As part of its activities in February, Delta Cultura Education Centre organized an open conversation and an aerobic session with entrepreneur, business woman, events promoter and  gym teacher, Ms. Maurícia Vaz. Given that Delta Cultura has gender equality as the topic for February, the purpose of the session was to show children the role and power of women in business by showing them a very successful case, which is Mrs. Maurícia Vaz. This is because the business sector is an area dominated by men and therefore seen as an area restricted to men. Maurícia, better known as Ny, shared with the children a little about her history from childhood until now, giving them a better understanding of her path in this field of business where she faced many difficulties and challenges but nevertheless never gave up and today she has the unanimous recognition of the community as one of the best entrepreneurs in the municipality. The session took place in the peaceful and wonderful environment at the beach of mar d’baxu and was attended by approximately 31 children and young people. After the conversation, the children still had the opportunity to exercise a bit with an aerobic energy session. The children had a great time with the session and were physically fit for the demands of Ms. Maurícia. In overall, it was a very well spent afternoon for the children as the fun and sharing of knowledge were the essential elements in this session.

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