Our Children, Our Community & Our Solution!

Two weeks ago Delta Cultura put together a project called “Nóz Kriansa, Nós Kumunidadi y Nóz Suluson” (our Children, Our Community & Our Solution). This initiative was formed by Delta Cultura to create a force of existing associations and key figures in the community to find a solution that would serve the needs of the youth in Tarrafal. The reason for this project was simple, with many associations, parents, and community all striving to reach one and the same objective, why not join forces and together create one solution that is beneficial for our children within the community. On Saturday March 16th the first meeting took place, even though the turn out was very low, Delta Cultura was very pleased with topics that were discussed and the outcomes it led to! A brainstorm session led to future plans, objectives, and even a preliminary strategy on how to create a joined coalition of existing association to regain the trust, confidence, and help of the local community. Coming Saturday, March 23rd Delta Cultura will come together with at least the members of the previous meeting, Centro de Juventude represented by Adilson Costa, Associação Graciosa Tarrafal represented by Óscar Ribeiro, and Associação os Amigos de Ribeira da Prata represented by Anilda at the primary school in Tarrafal, and hopefully a lot of other associations will be able to join. The first meeting exceeded all of our expectations and we cannot wait to have the next series of meetings! We hope to welcome many new members to our coalition and create the one solution that is needed for our youth. It is important that everybody remembers, this project was not created with the aim to be beneficial for Delta Cultura Cabo Verde, or any individual association. The aim is for all association to learn from each other and grow in the process, because then all associations would be able to reach their objective, with a positive effect on the community!

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