Paper Recycle

For 3 days, from 22th to 24th of April, the Educational Centre of Delta Cultura (ECDC) provided around 20 children, aged between 11 and 13 years old, male and female, the opportunity to recycle paper materials, which is a phenomenon that is already fashionable nowadays in Cape Verde. The workshop was conducted by two talented youths from tarrafal, whose names are Clésio Tavares and Valdimir Tavares, best known by Clézio and Budó. The participants, under the availability of all the necessary materials, such as cardboards, small coconut trees, glues, leaves, plywood, wood varnishes, sand and much more, built their own frame boards, of which they will be proud one day. From a general point of view, it can be stated that the children are already feeling and acting like real recycle artists.

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