Over the years the Peace One Day has produced successful global campaigns that touched millions of lives around the In-Support-of-POD-v2world and prompted actions that promote reconciliation and peace-building through sport, dance, education, film, music and other areas. Similarly, for this year Peace One Day invites everyone to join with each other around the world to give this wonderful idea a special focus on 21 September to celebrate Peace Day which carries the motto: “Who Will You Make Peace With?”. No matter how small, everyday acts of kindness can help make peace a reality, by standing next to someone in trouble, saying sorry, reconciling with an old friend, or helping someone who you see needs help. Wherever you are, at home, at school or work, you can help improve the quality of life of people around you, including your family, teachers, colleagues, friends or even strangers. Thus, Delta Cultura Cape Verde, as a partner of Peace One Day, is warmly requesting the presence of everyone, regardless of age, creed, sex, sexual orientation, religious belief or political persuasion, to join the Peace One Day on September 21th, 2013 (Saturday), in order to share a small gesture of peace towards each other and especially to the community of Tarrafal, providing the leverage needed to inspire governments to follow. The afternoon will be filled with a range of activities, including friendly games, dances, choreography, and other activities that will be part of this great celebration. The event will take place at the Delta Cultura Educational Centre in Achada Tomás, near the Electric Station and it will be fully recorded with photographs and videos that will later be published in the official pages of Delta Culture Cape Verde, as well as at the Peace One Day. The commitment of Delta Cultura Cape Verde, as well as individuals will help institutionalize Peace Day around the world. Sometimes the simplest things can have the most immediate and significant impact on the lives of everyone around us. Join us in this noble cause and show us “Who Will You Make Peace With?”! To learn more about Peace One Day, please visit: Or contact 2662701

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