Plantation of Mouringa Oleífera

In the Delta Cultural Educational Centre it was held a campaign of planting 100 feets of  Mouringa Oleifera. These plants were provided by the Ministry of Rural Development of Tarrafal. Moringa Oleifera (Moringaceae) is a plant originally from India which is considered by botanists and biologists, as a miracle of nature. A hope to fight the world hunger. Rich in vitamins and minerals, it contains:DSC02393 a) Seven times more vitamin C than oranges; b) Four times more calcium than milk; c) Four times more vitamin A than carrots; d) Three times more potassium than bananas; e) Two times more protein than milk (about 27% protein, equivalent to the beef); e) More iron than spinach; f) Present Vitamins: A, B (thiamine, riboflavin, niacin), C, E, and beta carotene. g) Present Minerals: Phosphorus, Iron, Selenium and Zinc.

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