Portuguese Volunteers at Delta Cultura Educational Center

As a result from the inclusion of Delta Cultura Cabo Verde on the online platform for volunteers, Para Onde, Delta Cultura Educational Center, which has since been receiving numerous requests from volunteers for work, received from October until December a total three Portuguese volunteers who have given their contribution to the its programs.

The first volunteer to arrive in October, and to give her contribution was Marta Correia, 18 years old, having made his secondary education at the Artistic School Antonio Arroyo, Arts with specialization in Ceramics. Marta, who has knowledge about arts, reinforced the Art Classes and lead Ceramics Workshops with children and young participants of the Centre.

The second volunteer to come, still in October, was Alexandra Coelho, 37 years old, with an academic degree in Advertising and Marketing. Alexandra, affectionately known by everyone as Xana, gave a contribution to the educational programs of the Centre, with special emphasis on the study sessions, with homework and clarifications on school subjects, of which children require much need.

The third volunteer to come to Delta Cultura, on November, was Daniela Martins, with academic graduation in Medicine. Daniela who has a vast knowledge in the field of medicine, for being her working area, has given service to one of the notorious problems of Delta Cultura that has to do with health problems of children and youth. These problems are not that serious, but range from small open fractures, infections, among others, on a daily basis. Daniela also came to strengthen the study sessions with the participants, working in particular with the children of the 2nd, 4th and 5th grade of primary school.

Note also that all voluntary worked with Delta Cultura for a period of one month each. Also to emphasize that these voluntary made donations to Delta Cultura, that helped a lot and improved the Center’s offers for children.

In overall, Delta Cultura was and is very pleased and grateful for the work that these volunteers have played in that period of three months. The smiles and laughter of children standing near them, the jokes that they do, and the immense longing make up a significant report of what was the passage of these volunteers here at the Center.

Thus, the children and youth of Delta Cultura and even Delta Cultura itself deeply thanks this volunteers for coming to provide this voluntary service at Delta Cultura, which is not an easy thing to do, taking into account the availability, the financial conditions, that they are the first to do it, and many other factors that are often barriers for people to leave their homes and come to Delta Cultura to help in what it takes.

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