Presentation of the Play “Presidenti Ka Sta” by the Komikus Tarrafal

In collaboration with the local group Komikus Tarrafal, Delta Cultura Education Center organized the presentation of a play called “Presidenti Ka Sta”. The group is made up of young people from Tarrafal who see humor and art as tools of expression and dissemination of opinions as well as social goods and evils that affect our community. The play, which is already famous in the community, is about the issue of Social Inequality, which in this piece is illustrated, in a comic way, through the relationship between the local mayor and the local residents. Residents, who often, bring their interests and requests to the City Hall or its President and find themselves being ignored or neglected on the reception area. The presentation was attended by approximately 80 children and youth from the Delta Cultura Education Center, from the kindergarten children to the most grown. There was laughter and moments of reflection as the message behind this comic play is very evident in what happens in the Tarrafal City Hall and on the daily lives of our local people. Check out the original play on the Youtube Channel of the group:

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