Workshop on Career Guidance

At a time where opportunities are decreasing each day, where the global crises are affecting all human beings from different social classes, Delta Cultura Educational Centre (DCEC) in a partnership with the psychologist, Anselmina Tavares, who is a teacher  at Tarrafal High School (THS), provided a workshop for a dozen young people in the field of career guidance. In this workshop the young people, who are pre-college students had the possibilities to exchange ideas on the topic and learn how to improve their self-esteem. Questions like, Who am I, when I see myself in the mirror?, What do I know?, What are the opportunities that are offered to me? and Where are they?, Where and what to professionalize in? among many others on the topic were analyzed carefully by the participants with great support from the psychologist. From many things heard and many opinions produced, it was told that by leaving the father, the mother, a friend, a girlfriend or even the teacher decide for ourselves, it is with great certainty, that we might end up living in frustration despite of being employed. Stories of so many people who ended up making two or more courses for professional or higher career for letting people make decision for them could be also heard during the session. In the end, it was a common idea that we must make our own choices, no matter how long it takes, it is the only way to feel good about ourselves.

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