Professional computer training finished

After more than 3 months and 400 hours of training the computer formation for 8 adolescents finished successfully. Hardware, maintenance, tecnical english, windows, word, excel, powerpoint, photoshop, internet and audio processing were the formation contents. The formation took place in cooperation with the Capeverdean Institute for Professional Formation. The institute took over the costs of the instructors and was responsible to exhibite the certificates for the students. Unfortunatly neither the one nor the other happend. The instructors wait for their money since the beginning of the formation and Delta Cultura had to exhibit the certificats. But of course we insist on the agreements and call there every day. The last excuse was that the uncle of the director is sick … Delta Cultura is thankfull for every cooperation and we are honestly working on the continuation of the one with the named institute, but it is exhausting when agreements are not complied in any way. Anyway we will keep the line for communication open and will hopefully soon discuss the suggestions of more professional formation we sent to the Institute a few weeks ago. We wish the 8 adolescents success on their job seeking. One of them will be able to work in the Child and Youth Center in our girl mentoring project which starts in July 2010. A few others of will be able to make some money with maintenance and installation of operating systems and programs. Delta Cultura will help them get jobs as their are lots of adolescents coming with their broken or virus infected computers to the center asking for help.

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