Regional Under-17

On another journey of the Regional Football Championship Under 17 in the region of north Santiago, the Football School of Delta Cutura (FSDC) moved this time to São Lourenço dos Orgãos to face the local school, which is known by the name of Desportivo de São Lourenço dos Orgãos (DSLO) that took the better of this by winning FSDC by a margin of one (1) nil (0) in the extra time. It is known that after the game has finished the FSDC became aware that despite losing the game on the field, the DSLO had been punished for having infringed the rules of the regional championship by playing the game with nine (9) players aged out of the regulation permitted by the laws of football. However, the FSDC played the game under protest, and later on the fact was reported to the Regional Football Association of North Santiago (RFANS). Everything indicates that after the complaint is completely forwarded, the FSDC will collect three (3) points from this match, and thus complete nine (9) points at the end of this first round of the championship. The next journey that initiates the second round of the championship is scheduled for June 9th with FSDC facing at the municipal stadium of Tarrafal, the Football School of Chão Bom (FSCB) who is also well positioned in the league.

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