Registration 2013/2014

Dear Sirs/Ladies The Delta Cultura Educational Centre of  (DCEC), located in Achada Tomás – Tarrafal Santiago, comes to inform everyone that is already open enrollments to register children/young people in the centre.Register Now Submissions occur in phases. The first phase will from 15 to 30 of July for participants who were already attending DCEC last year and the second phase from 27 August to 15 September for new children/youth. In order to register, the mother, the father and/or guardian of each child shall go to the DCEC to enroll in the possession of ID or the Child’s Personal Ballot. The registration and also the frequency of children in DCEC is completely free, further reminded that places are limited. DCEC participants will be able to participate in such programs: lessons explanation IT lessons, drills and football games at the brand of the new DCEC turf field, various workshops, and also medical and psychological assistance in DCEC and more. Think about the education, happiness and development of your child, and do not hesitate to make your application. To report that the center has 7 monitors available full time to help your child. If you know some of these monitors or other employees of the DCEC just get in touch with them for more information, or call 2662701 which will give you all the information. So, please take a look at the pictures below to see how your son or daughter will be happy being in the DCEC.

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