Success: ADA proposal accepted!

Girls in the Centro

Girls in the Centro

A good day for Delta Cultura: today we got the notification from Delta Cultura Austria that the ADA (Austrian Development Agency) accepted our project proposal
and will promote a micro project one year long. The project “Accompanied learning for girls & methodology for care takers” sees to that accompanied learning for 15 girls the age of 6-12 years old, in order to improve their school grades and guarantee their school attendance.

The project begins in July 2010 and runs till July 2011.

Excerpt from the goals of the project, which were formulated in the request: With the project it is will be made possible for the participating children to achieve a high school graduation.  Only with a high school graduation there is the possibility of starting a more highly qualified training.
At the moment the center offers computer training for young people, which increases their attractiveness on the  job market. Further vocational training are to be developed and as soon as this is made possible by the
Cape Verdean authorities then it should also be recognized by the state.
The project is to take the girls away from the idea of stress situation school to lead them to ‚natural curiosity’ .

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