Successful visit to the UN Human Rights Committee in New York

After Delta Cultura Cabo Verde together with the Indiana Law School and the International Human Rights Law Society has submitted a so-called Shadow Report about the situation of political and civil rights on the Cape Verdean Islands to the Human Rights Committee, the actual 104. meeting of the Committee took place in mid-March in New York. Since it was a concern for Delta Cultura that the two topics – the still common corporal punishment in the Cape Verdean schools as well as the sexual abuse of students – will be mentioned in the Final Report of the Committee to the Cape Verdean government, project manager Florian Wegenstein travelled to the meeting of the Human Rights Committee to New York. Along with two students from Indiana Law School, he defined his position on corporal punishment in schools and sexual abuse of students in a speech as well as during an informal meeting with Member from the Committee. Also other topics such as press freedom and independence of human rights organisations in Cape Verde were discussed. The three-day visit was crowned with success. The final report of the Committee mentioned all issues and asks the Cape Verdean government to take measures to remedy these abuses. The entire final report of the Committee can be found here.

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