Summer Holiday Camp 2019

From July 1st to 31st of this month, children and young people from the Delta Cultura Education Center, among other children and youth from Tarrafal City, participate in the 2019 holiday camp organized by Delta Cultura Cabo Verde (DCCV). The event usually takes place at its center located in Achada Tomás – Tarrafal de Santiago, but also in other places such as the beach , the Tarrafal Municipal Stadium among others with various games, contests, workshops and other activities on display. The activities taking place in these camps are in some similar to previous years, but from year to year new activities are being introduced and new ways of integrating them, such the Olympic Tournament that is now played in groups. Partly there are other contests / competitions that are played individually or in pairs, by qualifying system to give more encouragement to participants. Contests like Word Search, Typing, Dance and Singing are the ones with the most competitors making our event room full when it is held. During the holiday camp, the center works only one shift, from 8am to 3pm, with lunch being provided to the all the participants.

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