World Champion 2014

Delta Cultura Cabo Verde (DCCV) is the new champion of the Football For Hope Festival that took place in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil. The new champions won at the final the French team “Sport Dans La Ville” for 1-0. The winning goal was scored by Danilson Cardoso as known as “Da” among the friends. […]

Delta Cultura at the semi-final in Brazil

After being selected as one of 32 delegations from around the world who are currently present in the 2014 Football For Hope Festival in Brazil, the delegation of Delta Cultura Cabo Verde (DCCV) is playing the semi-final of the festival football tournament. After wining 6 matches and lose 1, tfhe DCCV delegation is in a […]

Delta Cultura with the Tarrafal Mayor

The Delegation of  Delta Cultura Cabo Verde (DCCV) which is going to Brazil to participate in the 2014 Football For Hope Festival, was received by the mayor of Tarrafal, Mr. Jose Pedro Nunes Soares and also by the city councilman responsible for cooperation, tourism and promotion of the city hall Mr. Jose Manuel Soares. During […]