Delta Cultura Football School umbeatable

Delta Cultura Football School gives a lesson of football in a tournament organized by ADEC – Association of Sport Education and Culture of Calheta. The Delta Cultura Football School once again participated in another tournament, this time organized by ADEC – Association of Sport Education and Culture in Calheta town of Calheta, won the two […]

Awards of the Year

The beginning of the new school year brings many new features at Delta Cultura Cape Verde, from new students who are admitted to the center of education, will be distributing school supplies and finally the awards to students who excelled in the center more on the year that was for behind. The event takes place […]

North Santiago Football School Tournament

In a region composed by four football schools, divided per four city, Tarrafal City (Delta Cultura Football School and Tó Football School), Calheta Football School (Hope) and Santa Cruz, it was made a one week of tournament at  Tarrafal Stadium. The tournament is being organized by Tó football School which runs from September first to […]

Soccer game boys against girls!

As our girls group already receive football training since a few weeks now, we organised the first game against the boys of the football school. The coaches Anna and Julia – who have received their training as football coaches at the Social Academy in Vienna – gave the girls a tactically excellent set up: as […]

Oberland United – Delta Cultura

Next big event in the course of our cooperation with Oberland United. After the charity event in September 2011, organised by the Round Table 10 together with FC Thun (= Oberland United), Wolfgang Unger – responsible of the training concept FC Thun makes school – came personally to Tarrafal to deliver the revenues of this […]

Birthday and Festival

Every year in early December Delta Cultura Cabo Verde has an intense time. The 2nd of December is the birthday of the football school. This year it makes 9 years that the football school has started its training. And every first weekend in December is the date of the Batucofestival that Delta Cultura Cabo Verde […]

Fundraiser in Thun

On Saturday, 17. of September in the beautiful town of Thun, Berner Oberland, you had the opportunity to learn about the work of Delta Cultura Cabo Verde and especially the Football School Tarrafal. A big event took place on the main square of Thun. Organized and conducted by United Oberland. Three organizations are behind this […]

Football weekend in Calheta

A football school from Calheta invited our U10 and U12 for a tournament last weekend. Two days the kids and their trainers spent in this small city on the east coust of the island. They love excursions like that. Even more if they can stay overnight. They hardly sleep but talk and play around most […]

Christmas holiday’s tournament

The football school Delta Cultura has participated in the Christmas holiday’s tournament, where other football schools of Santiago have also played: Escola Tó, Escola de Calheta, Escola Gira Oela and Escola Delta Cultura. The games were friendly, and all the different age groups played: under 10, 12, 16 and 18. At the end, Delta Cultura […]

Football weekend

The past sunday was once more a day with football games for the age groups U10, U12, U14 and U16 of our football school. They played against the neighbouring village Chão Bom. The games were all won by our young players. You can imagine their proudness! The two trainers Patas and Nene are organising games […]