Medical Check-up

For the second time, happened in the Educational Centre of Delta Cultura (ECDC) medical check-ups with children who attend the centre. The medical check-up, as defined by CEDC,  must occur twice a month, and should happen fairly regularly, to better ensure medical assistance to children, whenever anything unusual occurs. In this second visit, in a […]

Psychological Support

The children at the Delta Cultura Educational Centre received another visit from Nilson Concalves, psychologists of the Cape Verdean Child and Youth National Institute (ICCA). On Friday, March 1st, 2013, as a part of the yearly visits, the children that are actively participating within the programmes of Education Centre Delta Cultura, received another session with […]

Free psychological assistance to students

Within the psychological program conducted by Delta Culture of Cape Verde (DCCV) the association in partnership with the Cape Verdean Institute for Children and Adolescents (ICCA) offers free psychological counseling to students in the Tarrafal Education Centre.  On last September 28, 2012, two psychologists ICCA, Nilson Jorge Gonçalves Mendes and Ana, psychologist intern at the […]

Lecture and discussion about early pregnancy

In the course of our cooperation with ICCA – Capeverdean institute for children and adolescents – a psychologist from this institute came to the center in order to talk about early pregnancy with the adolescents of our different programs. After a short powerpoint presentation there was a excited discussion. Some of the opinions of the […]

The right to play

Last sunday our project The play, which was directed by thehumanrightsproject in cooperation with Delta Cultura Cabo Verde, had its highlight with the shooting of the large-scale photo of more than 250 children playing 86 different games.  In it we had children from our Child and Youth center, from the Football School Chao Bom and […]

Drug education in the child and youth center

In the course of our co-operation with Cape Verdean Institut for children and youths (ICCA)  a further educational meeting took place today. This time about drugs.  Due to actual current causes the psychologist spoke about mainly cocaine and crack abuse and discussed with the youths. Two drugs which are also on the arrise in and […]