Wall-painting of “Pousada” at Tarrafal

Inserted in the Easter holidays activities plan, and from the Art Classes program, Delta Cultura Educational Center  held from 4th to 11th of  April a Wall-painting at “Pousada” in Tarrafal. From the fact that that wall is in a degraded situation, Delta Cultura had the idea to rehabilitate this space, painting and customizing this wall with pictures of […]

Different but not Indifferent

Thus, following this slogan that says almost everything, children and youth from Delta Cultura Educational Center embraced the idea of visiting children and youth with Special Educational Needs (SEN) of Tarrafal who make part of the project “Different But Not Indifferent“. As sort of a retribution visit that these children and youth always make to […]

The Heroes

Ivanilda Socorro Rodrigues dos Santos, best known among colleagues as “Vadinha” is a young participant of the Delta Cultura Educational Center that embraced along with a group of students of the 11th grade of Science and Technology Area of the high school of Tarrafal , to perform a very motivating task, about the issue of […]

World Champion 2014

Delta Cultura Cabo Verde (DCCV) is the new champion of the Football For Hope Festival that took place in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil. The new champions won at the final the French team “Sport Dans La Ville” for 1-0. The winning goal was scored by Danilson Cardoso as known as “Da” among the friends. […]

Gathering Trip

During the holiday period, Delta Cultura Educational Centre (DCEC) didn’t want to let the frequent participants of the centre without a good outdoors relaxing day, filled with lots of laughter, games and jokes and by the presence of a beautiful beach and good picnic. For this, some of the participants to the centre, a total […]

One World Futbols Delivery Event

Delta Cultura Cabo Verde conducted this Sunday, March 9th, a symbolic distribution of 2300 football balls donated by One World Futbol Project Organization. The ceremony took place in Tarrafal, in Covão Sanches in particular, and it counted with the participation of many beneficiary public and private institution and a massive number of community people who […]

International Women’s Day

As the International Women’s Day is an event that spreads all women to the worldwide, Delta Cultura (DC) joined the musical group Tarrafal Base to pay a deserved tribute to all the women of Tarrafal. With an audience of about a hundred people, including dating couples, wives and husbands among many others, the party took […]


Delta Cultura Educational Centre (DCEC) has received a number of materials from our dear and beloved artist from Tarrafal, known by her friends as Leny de Milha, who won in 2012 the annual music festival of Seven Suns Seven Moons on Fogo Island. The materials received are sets of school subjects as rulers, squares, cardboard, […]

March for Peace: Tarrafal 2013

In recent days, Tarrafal has lived and felt constantly on the rampage due to assaults, beatings and murders. Stated that a forth time the population has had no peace and that some people are afraid to have to leave home due to these events. One cannot remain indifferent to such facts, facts that they can […]