Plantation of Mouringa Oleífera

In the Delta Cultural Educational Centre it was held a campaign of planting 100 feets of  Mouringa Oleifera. These plants were provided by the Ministry of Rural Development of Tarrafal. Moringa Oleifera (Moringaceae) is a plant originally from India which is considered by botanists and biologists, as a miracle of nature. A hope to fight […]

The vegetable garden gives …

It gives vegetables. We have harvested tomatoes and carrots in the last few weeks. Our training center is thus also a center of vegetables. However, we did not sell the crop but divided it among the girls who have taken care of the garden. This goal was achieved after a long and exciting battle against […]

Workshop about growing vegetables

Reasonable water usage in the field of agriculture (drip irrigation) and common plant and crop growing knowledge are the subjects of our workshop that last for several days and started yesterday. Financed by the ADF and taught by a member of the Capeverdean ministry for agriculture, 30 children and adolescents learn in theory and practice […]

Vegetable garden

Our vegetable garden project, financed through funds from ADF (African Development Foundation), has started. After we purchased all the necessary material in Praia our two football trainers have been converted for a short time to gardeners and fence constructors. First priority was the construction of the fence. All our previous attempts to grow vegetables failed […]

Our very own vegetable garden

Thanks to a cooperation with the Cape Verdean Ministry Of Agriculture  we were able to create a vegetable garden in the child and youth center Tarrafal with drip irrigation. All material needed for it was donated to us by the Ministry. Even the installation was done by specialists. Now we are protecting the area from […]