Teenagers from Delta Cultura do Print Workshop

Patrizia Burger (Graphic Designer) and Stefanie Grosz are two young ladies that study Political Sciences and International Relations that found a passion in printing on fabrics. DSC01350 From January 9th until January 11th, Patrizia and Stefanie joined Delta Cultura for a three day workshop with 24 participating teenagers and four Delta Cultura staff members. The aim of this workshop was to teach the participants the process of how to print on fabric. The workshop started with the selection of the materials, designing on paper, cutting the design, and finally printing. The entire process of printing on fabric can take about 1,5 hours, depending on the person and its skills. The intention of this workshop was also, that the children that had the possibility to participate will eventually teach the skills they obtained to other children of Delta Cultura who did not participate.

Production Process

DSC01256 DSC01250    DSC01253  DSC01258 DSC01269  DSC01290 DSC01312

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