The Belgium Volunteers at Delta Cultura

13681033_1486373491388793_66469546818286538_nOn July 2016, during the holiday camp, Delta Cultura Education Center received a group of 8 Belgium volunteers from Bouworde organization – Sophie De pril, Julie Goris, Romy Gilis, Mine Van den Fede, Emmeke Witdouk, Silke Dumont, Julie Vande Sampele and Tamara Ameloot. These 8 volunteers came to Delta Cultura filled by the will and desire to make a positive change in the lives of those who needed. But their support started even before they arrived at Delta Cultura. They opened a fundraising campaign for Delta Cultura holidays Camp 2016. The impact of what they did was so positively big that all the kids could come to the camp without providing any kind of financial contribution. In overall, these 8 volunteers raised around 2000 Euros to support all the activities and expenditures related to the holiday camp for Delta Cultura. It must be pointed that thanks to that support, this year, Delta Cultura didn’t face any kind of problems related to financial issues during the camp. Apart from that significant financial support these 8 volunteers provided something that is beyond anything that money can provide. They provided the emotional support that the kids need and the joy and content that lacks in their daily lives. Among dancing sessions, game sessions, cooking sessions, there were so many laughs, smiles, excitement, and joy that provided full satisfaction in whatever they did with the kids. The language barrier was something that was hard to overcome, as it limited the interactions to the best it could have been. But still, smiles, laughs, plays speak more than any words and that was clearly notorious between the kids and these 8 volunteers. Thus, Delta Cultura Cabo Verde hereby expresses all its gratitude to the Organization Bouworde for this significant support and especially to these 8 beautiful souls who will never be forgotten by anyone here for what they brought to us, for what they gave to us, and for what they left here with us. THANK YOU!!!

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