Workshop about: “The Impact of Plastic Use in the Environment”

Delta Cultura Education Center conducted a workshop about the impact of plastic use on the environment. The workshop was conducted by the Portuguese volunteer Susana Almeida who had an audience of around 50 kids from the Center.

The workshop was very effective as kids got to understand the importance of preserving the environment against plastic use and also they learned the 3 R’s (Reduce, Re-use, Recycle) measures, which is one of the main worldwide preventive measures to avoid trash in the environment.

This workshop was conducted complementary to a future activity that Delta Cultura will be organizing, which is about providing locals with around 100 cloth bags for shopping or whatever use it may suit for them. This activity‘s goal is to bring awareness among the locals about the consequences of plastic use in the environment as well as the benefits of using cloth material to avoid such a pollution which is spread all over our lands and sea nowadays. Also, these cloth bags will serve as a way of preventing them from using plastic bags that are normally given at supermarkets and stores for any purchase they might make.

Delta Cultura believes that with this workshop kids understand better the need to preserve our planet from what have been one of the biggest environmental polluters in the world as well as the need to bring this awareness among the local community, knowing that it is one of the beigest social issue that the community of Tarrafal have been facing for the last years.

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