The right to play

Last sunday our project The play, which was directed by thehumanrightsproject in cooperation with Delta Cultura Cabo Verde, had its highlight with the shooting of the large-scale photo of more than 250 children playing 86 different games.  In it we had children from our Child and Youth center, from the Football School Chao Bom and from a govermental children’s home. We got them together in one place, close to the foto set, where they were given food and drinks and were entertained with different games in order not to run away. The foto set was divided in 11 sectors. 11 sectors, 11 fotos, which Lukas Hüller, the photographer, will put together afterwoods in order to create one big foto, with the help of a special computer program. Each sector had its predefined games, from which the respective numbers were painted on the streets the day before. For each sector there was one adult responsible for taking the kids in and out of the scene. While Lukas Hüller was taking fotos, Juliane Hauser and Fu assisted him in any way he needed; Marisa gave out the toys for each play and Kutchinha, Nene, Sito, Salsa, Nancy, Sonja, Milton, Andreas and Florian organized the kids they were responsible for. At Lukas’s sign the person encharged brought the kids to their sector where Laurent and Ana positioned them and put them in a typical position of the game they were playing. Jennifer was taking photos for the making of and Claudio was filming. At the end of the day, we divided the kids in 3 playing groups and the first three winners of each group won prizes like school material, healthcare items and other useful things. It was a big effort, but everything worked out fine and the photographer was more than satisfied. Now we are curious to see the final product! But this project will only be finished when Lukas Hüller would have taken a picture, like the one he shot on Sunday, in every continent and when all the different games of the world are shown and the article 31 of the childrens rights – the one that states that all children have the right to play and to participate in the cultural life – will be represented in the photos. The last part of this cooperation between thehumanrightsproject and Delta Cultura Cabo Verde is the renovation and the construction of a sunshade for the stage of our Child and Youth Center. The aim of thehumanrightsproject is to leave something sustainable in each country where they take this project to. We thank once again to everyone who helped during this period, but specially to all the people from thehumanrightsproject for this cooperation, and we promise to continue reporting and showing pictures of this very nice project.

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