The Unforgettable Portuguese Volunteers

For the last couple months before holidays, Delta Cultura Cabo Verde received a big group of Portuguese volunteers, from the Online Platform Para Onde?. One of them is Manuel Clemente. A very humble soul who found his way to Delta Cultura to inspire the days of the children who are part of the project. Always surrounded by hugs, smiles, kisses, and lots of fun games, Manuel was welcomed and embraced by our kids in a very unique way. Mutual love was born from their hearts and it only kept growing to what it became infinite to what words can describe. Every smile, every hug, every laugh, and every shared knowledge, from learning creole and becoming fluent on it by simple fun talks with kids, express the experience that these kids had with Manel for these three months he stayed with us. Unfortunately written words cannot thank him enough, but still we dare to say “thank you Manel” on behalf of every kid here at the Center. Rute Moura, a very genuine and driven soul who came to Delta Cultura to light up the eyes of the kids and provide them the love and care they seek. Her experience here with the kids is highlighted by all the fun and excitement that filled the kids’ daily lives. Always laughing, smiling, combing the hair, learning from each other, Rute and the kids found each other taken by the most simple but unique acts of humbleness and love. Those feelings could only be felt but still, on behalf of the kids we send our truly appreciation and love for Rute’s work with us. Another one who found her way to Delta Cultura was Adriana Relvas. Always taken and driven by unique gestures of kindness and love, Adriana compelled everyone and was compelled by every inner touch of the kid’s kindness and love. Through gestures of kind smiles, warm hugs and sweet kisses, Adriana surely felt the essence of being a kid who needs to be cared and loved as she touched every kid with single gestures of such a unique love. Even though it doesn’t reach the core of what our heart wants to express, we dare to send our love to Adriana, on behalf of every kid here at the Center. Beatriz Dias, a pure driven girl who brought so much joy, fun, and excitement to the lives of those who needed. Always known by her singular funny and engaging mood, Beatriz filled the kid’s heart with so much fun and joy in everything she did with them. She was always part of their world, experience things as they did, and live up to a creative world. Delta Cultura is proud to receive people like her at the center and the kids are always moved and touched by people like her. There was also Cristina Gomes, a very charismatic person who came to us to provide the best of her for the kids. A person of a prompt smile, she always seemed to engage the kids in the activities she did and always to get smiley faces whenever she was around. Along with kids, she got the chance to experience a lot of new things and also share a lot of her reality with them. In a way that it must be pointed out that Cristina left so much her to be missed here and took so much more of us with her. Also part of this group, the friendly David Fialho. Always playful, he was involved between hugs and smiles of children and before that he could not stay indifferent. Great moments of joy, which is reflected in the immense nostalgia that these kids show every day. All these five volunteers are much more than these humble and insufficient words can say. Not a day goes by that these kids don’t ask about them. They all missed them very much and they all wish one day they will get to see them again. So, hereby the kids send their loves to these four beautiful souls who once were part of this project.

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