The vegetable garden gives …

It gives vegetables. We have harvested tomatoes and carrots in the last few weeks. Our training center is thus also a center of vegetables. However, we did not sell the crop but divided it among the girls who have taken care of the garden. This goal was achieved after a long and exciting battle against goats, cows and sheep, who tried to get into our garden. But our guards were attentive and so the animals could not do any real damage. After the fence was reinforced and goats, cows the problem was solved and the vegetables could thrive in peace. Over the summer months it was difficult to get the boys and girls to the Center to weed the vegetable garden. Just to weed hardly anyone wanted to take the path to the center. But now as all the programs run again, the center is populated by many boys and girls who are willing to weed, as they know that they can harvest only if they participate in seeding and weeding. Still we have not been able to use the entire surface of the vegetable garden, but we are getting better and it’s only a matter of time before we even start to sell the vegetables in order to at least cover the increased cost of water. Once more we want to say thank you to ADF! Their funding enabled us to finance the launch of the vegetable garden.

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