Under 10 Delta Cultura Football School win tournament

The Delta Cultura Football School that participated with various levels in a football tournament conducted by the Chão Bom football School Association won 2-0 in Under 10 ranking in the final tournament of the same rank.

Under 10, winers of the tournament

In the contest for winning the tournament stood face-to-face ones that proved to be the two best teams in the Tournament School Football Team Delta Cultura and the Port of Ribeira da Barca. The final was played at Tarrafal Municipal Stadium (Tarrafal), which in addition to the great game of football played by young people, we could also witness the great work that associations / football schools have done in football at the local level, because the work that is done goes beyond football, covering areas as well. This time we reach the end of another sporting event held very successfully that promise even more for an upcoming issue, and it expects to have more teams present to dignify our football

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