Under 17 & 19 Championship

2Delta Cultura Football School (DCFS) organize the under 17 and under 19 championship in males for Football Schools of North of Santiago (FSNS).

The tournament has about 140 participants, and it is compose by these football school:

  1. Esperança Football School (EFS) from Calheta;
  2. ADEC-Academy of Sport, Education and Culture from Calheta;
  3. Chão Bom Football School (CBFS) from Chão Bom;
  4. Grirauela Football School (GFS) from Chão Bom;
  5. Ribeira das Pratas from Ribeira das Pratas;
  6. Delta Cultura Football School (DCFS) from Tarrafal City.

After two matches , CBFS in under 19 and DCFS in under 17 lead the championship.

The next matches are schedules for next 28, 29 of June, 2014 and they are played according to the calendar of each team, between calheta city and tarrafal city.

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