Vegetable garden

Our vegetable garden project, financed through funds from ADF (African Development Foundation), has started. After we purchased all the necessary material in Praia our two football trainers have been converted for a short time to gardeners and fence constructors. First priority was the construction of the fence. All our previous attempts to grow vegetables failed because the goats that jumped over low fence and ruined what we had struggled to build. We have learned our lesson and the new fence is high enough to hinder goats, cows and thieves. After further preparation for the garden, like the installation of the drip irrigation, there will be a five day workshop with kids from the Center in the beginning of July when school holidays have started. Specialists from the Ministry of agriculture will teach about reasonable water use, sowing and much more. After the workshop we will choose the children who displayed the most interest to continue working in the gardening and work together with them. Maybe we will then auction off our first tomato harvest on our website!

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