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Tanztheater Global in Tarrafal

Tanztheater Global in Tarrafal

Silêncio, Saudade e Sonho (Silence, Desire and Dreams) is the name of our newest project that we proudly present in cooperation with Tanztheater Global.

Since saturday the Tanztheater Global team is in Tarrafal: Be,  Fred, Mevlana, Julia, Jannée, Alexi, Laura, Sandrine and Sofie. At the weekend the location at the local Cine Teatro was prepared for the dance rehearsals. On Sunday evening Be and her team invited all possible participants to show movies from their previous projects and to explain the concept of the project.

The dance rehearsals are organized in two groups with over 15 members each, from which one group comes in the morning at 8 o’clock and the other stars at 2:00 PM. During the weekends both groups join to study and train the choreography together.

The level of discipline and enthusiasm is suprisingly high – nobody misses the rehearsals and everybody is lucky to participate in the project and to learn from the great choreographers, dancers and video editors from Tanztheater Global. On the other hand the team from Europe is excited to find out the dreams and desires of the Cape Verdeans and to learn from their dance- and singing styles as well as joining the traditional styles of Cape Verde with contemporary dance.

Performance workshop: 08.-30.11.2009, Tarrafal (Santiago/Kapverden)
Premiere: 01.12.2009, Tarrafal (Santiago/Kapverden)
Shows: 02.12.2009, Tarrafal (Santiago/Kapverden)
04. & 05.12.2009, Praia (Santiago/Kapverden)


Author: Christian Fu Müller
Photo: Tanztheater Global

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