Video Documentary Workshop

Delta Cultura Education Center hosts a video documentary workshop for children and youth from 15th to 24th of November. The workshop, which takes place in two simultaneous modes, the practical and theoretical aspects, is taught by the Master in Cinema, Graduate and Master in Philosophy, Rodrigo Gratacos Brum who had his last professional work teaching at the Chicago Institute of Art. During the workshop several videos, texts and films will be presented to familiarize participants about this area. Also a video documentary will be produced, which goes through the stages of production, research, filming, audio capture, where they will later have the opportunity to watch the same in a link to be released on social media. But it will also address the issue of video circulation in festivals, galleries, urban interventions and the Internet. Also to be highlighted that Rodrigo, is an integral part of a Brazilian organization called Observatório-móvel.

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