Lecture “Violence on Dating”

Attending an invitation from Delta Cultura Educational Center (DCEC), a “Casa do Direito” of Tarrafal, conducts a lecture on “Violence on Dating ” with around sixty children and youth of DCEC. The lecture was preached by Ana Lisa Pereira, an employee of “Casa do Direito” and Eveline Nair Tavares, a Social Expert at the same institution. To initiate the session, the speaker Ana Lisa Pereira began by reminding participants of the various services that “Casa do Direito” offers, among them legal assistance and welfare. In turn, the social expert Eveline Nair Tavares took the opportunity to pull some knowledge from the participants on violence in its most basic form. In regards to the topic of the lecture itself, most agree that this happens based on the lack of confidence from both, cheating, love affairs and more. But this can be all solved by cultivating peace in the relationship. The speakers are from the opinion that the first meeting is always difficult, hence the need to always be these clarifications sessions, and reinforce the trust, dialogue between the two as a way of fighting this phenomenon elements. But as usual everything that is caused there must be consequences from it. So, with that, in this particular topic, they were listed as, anger, fear, sadness, aggression suicidal behaviors and thoughts, etc. Hence the question arises, “Who is more violent, men or women? Some agree that men are more aggressive and others agree that women are more violent. For the one who think that men are more aggressive, they justify by stating that due to his physical stature, man are seen as more aggressive. On the other side, others say that women are more violent because they are more persistent when it comes to conflicts. But taken from a more scientific analysis, men are taken as violent in regards to physical violence while women are taken in a more verbal and psychological violence. Therefore both men and women are partially violent depending on cases and individual personalities as well. At the end all the participants showed their commitment to the prevention of this bad practice by spreading a loud and verbal message to the cameras, saying “Stop Violence”. The DCEC, in its highest satisfaction, thanks “Casa do Direito” of Tarrafal and leaves a promise that more sessions of this kind will be conducted.

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