Volunteers at Delta Cultura

Delta Cultura is currently supported by five (5) international volunteers who have been providing volunteer work at the Center for quite some time now. First of this group is Lena Saur, a German volunteer, who has already left. Lena was integrated in the kindergarten program and she also had a short experience on conducting German Classes. Then, there is Amelie Sztatecsny, an Austrian young girl who is already on her fourth month as a volunteer at the center, providing daily and mainly support at the Art Classroom but also supporting other programs like the kindergarten, and the school support. Nico Lindon, an Italian/French guy, who found his-self to Delta Cultura through the volunteering program. Nico provides most support on the football training and he’s also responsible for the media reporting. Nico also makes part of Delta Cultura senior male team as a player. We also have Joana Gomes, a Portuguese young girl, who came to work at Delta Cultura through the partnership between Delta Cultura and Para Onde?. Joana provides support on the football trainings, coaching the U7 kids, and also on the school support program. Also from Para Onde?, we have Inês Liberato. A Portuguese young girl, who works with the youngest kids in the kindergarten and on the school support in a daily basis, providing a significant support to the success of these specific programs. We also have Maria Diederichs, an Austrian woman, who is working with the kids in the Music Classroom, teaching kids how to play different kinds of instruments, and also giving a particular attention to some skillful young talent kids at the Center. The last one arriving, and also from Para Onde?, is Catarina Gonçalves, also Portuguese, who is working with the kids on the Portuguese Classes and on IT Classes providing a great support in those two area. All these volunteers are share giving spirits who believe that working with kids, providing them joy, excitement, pleasure, leisure and an overall perspective of what education is and what the world is from the outside, can change the world for good. In a daily basis, these people contribute to around 100 smiles in each of the kids’ face they work with. In a way that Delta Cultura wishes there were more people with such beautiful and humanitarian spirit as these seven (7) volunteers. By choosing to work for us without a fee, you all have proven that your time and talents are priceless. Thanks for volunteering

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