Wall-painting of “Pousada” at Tarrafal

Inserted in the Easter holidays activities plan, and from the Art Classes program, Delta Cultura Educational Center  held from 4th to 11th of  April a Wall-painting at “Pousada” in Tarrafal. From the fact that that wall is in a degraded situation, Delta Cultura had the idea to rehabilitate this space, painting and customizing this wall with pictures of people who humbly work in that area, as well as illustrations that reflect the Capeverdean culture. Thus, Delta Cultura took the children and the young participants of the Centre’s programs, together with the teacher of the Art Classes, Alejandro, to customize the wall with beautiful designs that only brought more color, beauty, joy, light to that space. It can be said that the wall now has more life, thanks to the great work done by children and young participants of Delta Cultura programs. Check out the photos of children’s work in that wall and the new look of it.

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