Weekend camp at the Center

To terminate the schoolyear our girls group spent 3 days at the Center. 40 girls have played, ate, sang, danced, rehearsed a theater play and slept at the Center. For weeks the girls have been looking forward to this event and talked about it. And like the pictures show they were in no way disappointed. The girls were divided into 4 groups. Each group had their accompanying adult. For compliance or disregard of rules that were set for these 3 days, points were awarded. At the end there was a group winner. A little girl has complained very bitterly to the project management that their group had not won only because she was pushing a girl from another group slightly and therefore was deducted a point … In addition to bonus and penalty points, there were also plenty of activities. On the first day the girls got visit from the Nacional Commission for Human Rights. They introduced the kids to the Childrens Rights. Thank you Marisa and Joaquim for this Workshop. For the final event on Sunday for which we invited the parents too, each girls group rehearsed a song, a dance or a theater performance. And of course there was evening entertainment as well: children’s disco and a fashion show. The only ones who didn’t have exclusively fun were the educators. They had not only to watch the kids but also had to do the cooking, rehearse with the kids, settle big and small disputes and be responsible for the common wellbeing of the girls. Delta Cultura would like to take this opportunity to thank Anna and Julia – our interns from Vienna – who have completed their internship at the Center with the organisation of this weekend and went to their well-deserved vacation. How well they worked over the past few months was seen at the leave-taking of the girls. Many tears have been shed and many of the girls were obviously very sad. We thank Anna and Julia for their great help and hope to see them again one day.

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