Cape Verde Cup

The yearly Cape Verde Cup is a slightly different football tournament and is since 2011 an important component of Delta Cultura’s fundraising work. At the small pitch tournament under the patronage of Didi Constantini, hobby teams and company teams compete to win the coveted trophy (challenge cup). Also so called community teams participate in our tournament. Their players are mostly asylum seekers, street newspaper vendors or immigrants. We want to demonstrate that football, one of the most popular games worldwide, can also be used as an instrument for social development and integration.

Besides the sporting performance, the tournament’s aim is the good purpose. The revenue of the tournament’s income will be funded to the Education Center Tarrafal in Cape Verde. The entry fee for the teams will be the first donation. The tournament will be played on a small pitch (5 players + goalkeeper). The tournament modus will be defined after all registrations. Of course we also want to welcome female players in the teams.

Apart from the pitch we will ensure a comprehensive entertaining programme with Capeverdean dishes and drinks, childcare (painting or crafting) and music. Thereby you will have the possibility to get to know interesting people and participate in intercultural exchange.

In case of interest or questions, please contact: Michael