Annual Accounts and By Laws

The transparency and credibility of the management of the Delta Cultura accounting is in constant development and improvement. In Austria: Delta Cultura Austria is a nonprofit organisation. We are working on getting the tax deductibility for donations to our organisation. In Germany: Delta Cultura Germany is a nonprofit organisation. Through our proper accounting we proof regularly that the board is working in accordance to our bylaws and fulfills all legal requirements. In the context of our accountability we inform our members once a year about all our income and expenditures. An external accountant makes the yearly audit and verifies that the fortune is well administrated. Delta Cultura Cabo Verde: Since the funding through the German Ministry for development in 2004, Delta Cultura has an internal record keeping of all incomes and expenditures. From 2012 until the end of 2014 Delta Cultura had an external accountant doing the yearly audit of the accounting. Since the beginning of 2015 Delta Cultura has an external accountant who is responsible for the whole accounting. The annual accounts can be seen here: The bylaws of the three organisations are only available in german and/or portuguese: