History of Delta Cultura

Delta Cultura has its roots in Austria, where the association was registered for the first time in June 2002 with the name Delta Culture – Association for intercultural communication. Founders were Estela Amarilia Cabral Correia (called Marisa – today director of the cultural department of the association in Cape Verde), Florian Wegenstein (today project manager in Cape Verde) and Walter Löffler.

First activities in Tarrafal were 2002 a football school for street children and in 2004 the Batucogroup Batukaderas Delta Cultura. With the start of the activities in Cape Verde, Liz Zimmermann took over the interests of Delta Cultura in Austria. Till today she is the chairwoman.

With the first big application for funding in 2004 it got necessary to register Delta Cultura as an autonomous association in Cape Verde as well. First chairwoman was founder Marisa.

In 2009 Vanessa Ebert spent half a year as a student apprentice at the Education Center in Tarrafal. After her returning to Germany she founded Delta Cultura Germany in Bonn. Since that time Vanessa is chairman.