Liz Zimmermann



Date of birth


With Delta Cultura since

since the beginning in 2002

Role at Delta Cultura

Chairwoman of Delta Cultura Austria

About me

I was born and grew up in Vienna, Austria. After finishing school I studied landscape architecture and graduated in 1998. Since 2000 I work as a freelance landscape architect.
My first trip to Cape Verde was in 2000 with a team of veterinarians from Bons amigos, because my partner is a veterinarian. Since then I have a connection to Cape Verde. In 2006 our son Josef was born.

About Delta Cultura

It is important to me that we critically analyze our work again and again, that we take the people we work for seriously and that we listen to them. Because our work is all about the people and their future prospects! The children and young people in Tarrafal should be provided with information, so that they can create their own future.
I’ve known Delta Cultura since 2002, when Marisa and Florian moved to Tarrafal and the football school was founded. Since I played football myself, I was enthusiastic from the start of the project and I am until today. 
Today it is my task, to make the projects of Delta Cultura Cabo Verde known in Austria, make contacts and to find support on many levels.