Michael Schmied


Michi or Miguel

Date of birth


With Delta Cultura since

July 2015

Role at Delta Cultura

Part-time employee for international networks and fundraising

About me

Born and raised in Graz. After graduating in GIBS, I studied International Development at the University of Vienna until 2014. First stay in Cape Verde (Santiago and Fogo) and visit of the education Center Tarrafal in spring 2015. Interests: Sports (Football, Skiing, Footvolley, Tennis etc.), travelling, development cooperation.

About Delta Cultura

During my 2-month stay in Cape Verde, the project grew fond of me, since I got to know the people behind Delta Cultura as well as the children and youths in the center. I see the holistic education approach that is used by Delta Cultura as an essential possibility to not just instruct, but also to educate children. This way will contribute to poverty reduction. Since I played football for many years and am convinced that football can be an instrument for social development, I became aware of the relevance of this project right away.