Florian Wegenstein



Date of birth


With Delta Cultura since

2002 (Co-founder)

Role at Delta Cultura

Chairman of the association; project manager of the Education Center Tarrafal

About me

I live in Tarrafal, the native village of my wife Marisa, since 2002. We have two daughters together, Natalina and Idalena, and my wife has two sons, Joao Claudio and Elton.
We live in a house in the center of Tarrafal. I acquired my education through my parents’ house, different public schools and through many years of travelling the world. My process of learning and developing has not stopped till today!

About Delta Cultura

The climate, the sea, the slower way of life made me move to Tarrafal. Poverty and the striking deficiency of possibilities for a worthwhile art of life, of which most people suffer in Tarrafal, made me found Delta Cultura Cabo Verde and build and manage the Education Center Tarrafal.
The years of intensive confrontation and dispute with poverty and the structural violence which is necessary to keep the people in poverty and not make them revolt, made me try to understand this complex of problems in a global way as well. One thing all the attempts of explanation and solutions have in common: they proof that poverty is man-made and therefore can be eliminated by human beings as well. This knowledge again and again gives me the power to continue our work through all the difficulties. This knowledge in a way obligates me. I don’t get tired to try to give the adolescents an understanding of this knowledge and understanding.